Humans polluting our air? You’re damn right we are. Check this out..

I really don’t want to participate in any more discussions about “bringing back normal.”

I’ve spent a lifetime with that version of “normal” and frankly, I think we can do better.

How much better? How about waving a magic wand and within days virtually all of the “normal” air pollution is gone? Worth it? You be the judge. 

These are photographs taken one year apart (2019 and 2020) CBS News is showing of New York and Los Angeles.

On the left is what it looks like with “normal” air pollution on a typical day in 2019. Photos on the right side were just taken in the last few weeks after we patriotic Americans started staying in our homes to help block the deadly COVID-19 virus from spreading even more than it has.

Just anticipating what some naysayers may think when they see these photos: They have not been doctored, photoshopped, in any way.
Some may not like what they see, but it is quite real and confirms what so many millions in the U.S. and around the world know to be true.

So after seeing these photos what do you think we need to do to create a “better new normal?

And what about our fellow citizens, now storming some state capitols fighting for the “right” to not join us in combating the virus? Will they still be determined to risk their lives and ours after seeing such startling evidence of where air pollution is coming from, even if they can’t see the little polluting molecules. Then maybe, just maybe they can understand that the COVID-19 virus is much the same except it kills in days or weeks, not years, and it’s impossible to “shoot” your way out of it.

Be well.
Wash your hands.


About Bob Grossfeld

Bob is a longtime political & public affairs strategist. Based in Phoenix, AZ he spends a great deal of his time doing guerrilla therapy for his fellow Arizonans before they succumb to the state's lunacy. The media calls on him frequently to help explain Arizona politics with a straight face.
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