The New Virus is called “Manchin”

“Senator, it’s the one with the word “Lobby

Look…I’ve run out of words to describe the unpleasant behavior of Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.).To be blunt, Mr. Manchin is a “virus” infecting the U.S. Senate.

The fact is Mr. Manchin has never been much of a senator, spending most of his time trying to bring back ‘pork’ for his West Virginia home… when he’s not having parties on the yacht he has parked on the Potomac in Washington.
But he’s gone too far this time, his oppositional defiant behavior actually harms the people of West Virginia who are in need of the help they would get if Mr. Manchin wasn’t working his ass off to scuttle the “Build Back Better” legislation.
Only in the last few days has he been outed by the national media who’ve finally figured out his motivation: The man is operating out of self-interest to protect his investments in coal and his campaign contributors who also trade in climate-threatening business. Sending the senator letters, emails, phone calls, street theater, and lord knows what else is not doing any good. So, as for me, I’m starting to send letters to the editors of the West Virginia newspapers. I’m not sure if he reads the papers or has a staffer do it for him. But what’s being done now is futile. There are 85 newspapers in West Virginia. Here’s a link where you’ll find them.
Suggestion: Write a letter expressing your thoughts and feelings about their senator and how he’s hurting the rest of us. Then send it to every paper you have time for. Only have time for one, send to the editorial editor of the Charleston Gazette-Mail, the biggest paper in West Virginia. Ben Fields, Editorial Editor,, @BenFieldswv, or call him: 304-348-5129.

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