Aug 22 2016

“Trump” isn’t the problem anymore…


Donald Trump, in my opinion, is no longer the problem.

He remains narcissistic, of course, and may have a personality disorder as so many Beltway folks believe.

But now is not the time to get all worked up over whether he’s saying he has “regrets” instead of putting on his big-boy pants and apologizing.Read the rest

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Aug 21 2016

Comparing Clinton and Trump

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Early in the campaign year I said that, in my opinion, the choice would eventually come down to a simple one that each of us must make:

“Do I dislike Hillary Clinton more than I’m afraid of Donald Trump?”

But as it turns out, that was a “false equivalency.Read the rest

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Jun 08 2016

Donald Trump and News?

Today’s ( June 8, 2016) Editorial page of the Arizona Republic nearly made me cry. One after another, editorial writers whose opinions I trust defended the media’s culpability in the creation of Donald Trump.

Read the rest

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Jan 07 2016

Attention Comedy Central: Here’s another one.

You’ve seen them before; Comedy Central stories with the “Arizona” dateline. Sometimes I think the network should be paying us for so regularly supplying prepackaged material for their staff writers. I mean, where else could they have found “Creationist” Rep.… Read the rest

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Nov 11 2014

The “Wave” and Now What?

Okay. Enough whining and rationalization.

Republicans, both nationally and locally, began their march toward the 2014 “wave” 6 years ago when U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said their number one goal was making “Obama a one term president.”

Everything else they’ve done flowed from that pronouncement and was designed to make President Obama and Democrats look bad, no matter their successes.… Read the rest

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Oct 26 2014

Republicans and Sex; Democrats and Money

Dear Friends,

I was meeting with some friends the other day and, as is becoming more commonplace for me, one of them proclaimed that he was not going to vote because “there’s no difference between the parties.… Read the rest

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Dec 05 2013

“What’s the downside of running unopposed?”

Dear Dr. Bob,
It looks like I won’t have any serious opposition during my primary election. That’s obviously good because it is one less thing to worry about and suck money away from the general election.… Read the rest

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Sep 17 2013

HB2305 – What part of “permanent” do you not understand?

Dear Readers,

I hate to say this, but I have become used to Arizona weirdness. Now, that’s not an endorsement, just a personal statement.

I can handle Arizona’s attractiveness to The Daily Show producers.… Read the rest

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May 22 2013

Dr. Bob: “When should I start my campaign?”

Dear Dr. Bob,

I’m going to run for the state legislature, but I’m not yet ready to make a formal announcement since I don’t have much money and no campaign materials.

Read the rest

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Apr 26 2013

Dr: Bob: “Oh please, please, please run for Governor”

Dear Dr. Bob,

I just read in the paper that former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas (R-disbarred) is running for Arizona governor.

Is this a good thing or bad thing for Democrats?

Read the rest

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