Romney relief

I must confess a degree of relief that Romney won here in Arizona. Or at least that His Holiness Mr. Sanatorium lost. And by a wide margin.

Like so many here its likely that your average Arizonan is, well average; in the middle. A little middle right. And little middle left.

We know, of course, that our elected officials are pretty wacked out and don’t really represent Arizona’s mainstream, let alone the GOP mainstream.

So when Mr. Santorum started to pick up steam I started to worry that he might win, not because that would be one step closer to the White House, but because knowing that there were so many whacked out people living around us would steal what little hope we have here.

So it was a great relief that I woke up this morning to see just how badly Mr. Santorum was clobbered. Of course that doesn’t fix the problem of a GOP-run legislature that is arguably out of touch with reality and way out of the mainstream of 21st century thought.

But in Republican controlled Arizona you take what you can get.


About Bob Grossfeld

Bob is a longtime political & public affairs strategist. Based in Phoenix, AZ he spends a great deal of his time doing guerrilla therapy for his fellow Arizonans before they succumb to the state's lunacy. The media calls on him frequently to help explain Arizona politics with a straight face.
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