How to fight back against “WhatAboutism” “Taking Blame” and Be Assertive



May 2022 Campaign Notes 

Dear Democratic Colleagues:

Here’s a few items that may be helpful when you’re campaigning.

#1 There is no rule that says you must be “nice” when hit by a Republican.

In fact, it may be time to start tossing some Republican tricks and techniques right back at them.

#2 Here’s one you hear a lot on FOXNews It’s called “WhatAboutism.”


Democrat: “It’s about time to ensure that all our people have access to affordable healthcare.” 
Republican: “Well, why stop there?  WhatAbout making sure that everybody has transportation?  Shouldn’t everybody have tax money to buy a car?”
Democrat: “Arizona’s education system is in shambles; we’re using untrained people as teachers in run down schools. With millions of dollars stashed away in the state coffers, we surely can hire highly trained teachers for our kids, shouldn’t we?
Republican: “Well, WhatAbout funding for our police officers? Your idea of defunding the police is just short-sighted. Crime is up and we need to increase pay for Arizona police officers fighting to protect our children.


WhatAboutism isn’t just defense, you use it for offense.


Republican: “Our children are being held hostage in schools and taught how they are responsible for decades of slavery and shown pornography.”
Democrat: “That’s just nonsense. There is no pornography in our schools and no child is being made to feel guilty about years of slavery they had nothing to do with. You say that because you keep fighting against full funding for our public schools, while spending millions of tax dollars on private charter schools.”
Republican: “Once and for all, there is absolutely no scientific evidence so called “climate change” is real. It is nothing more than normal weather patterns that have been taking place for hundreds of years.”
Democrat: “What’s real is all around the planet. Open your eyes WhatAbout seeing massive fires, floods, snow, and rain like never before, the oceans are warming, sea life is dying off, and our fresh water supply is so dangerously low we’re on the verge of water rationing. Climate change is very, very real and as reported by the world’s most respected scientists. We need to start dealing with this now before it is too late.”

Passiveness or Assertiveness

When in the minority, Democrats, have a habit of taking the blame for legislation they rightly fought against because it’s not good for our citizens.

We can change that with a little assertiveness.

Passive Democrat says…the real problem is that we voted for legislation that will hurt more people than it helps.”

Assertive Democrat says…” the real problem is the Republicans voted for legislation that will hurt more people than it helps. Send me to the Senate and I’ll fight to get rid of it.”

Passive Democrats say…” We’re trying to pass election and voting legislation. But we just don’t have enough votes.”

Assertive Democrats say… “Democrats are working hard to pass important voting and election legislation, but the Republicans are blocking a vote on it. Send me to the Senate and I’ll fight against the Republicans block to protect your right to vote.”



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