Dr. Bob Archive: “Thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts…”

Originally published Tuesday, April 22, 2008 on Bob’ Arizona Republic Blog

The national media seems to have about had it with the presidential primary process. And who could blame them?

In their well-intended effort to have fair and balanced delegate representation, Democrats have devised a complicated, time-consuming system that produces a national convention using some form of higher math. This ensures that the convention floor does not look like a sea of several thousand older white guys wearing funny hats. Rather, as the Democrats say, they will “look like America.”

By contrast, the Republicans have a much simpler, more violent system that is the political equivalent of a “demolition derby.” The Republicans seem to rather enjoy watching their candidates slam into each other, parts flying everywhere, lesser combatants left in clouds of dark smoke, until only one victor is left standing. Their nominee, tired, bruised and disoriented from the primary ordeal, takes a victory lap or two before the Republican National Convention/Coronation where he is greeted by several thousand older white guys wearing funny hats.

I suspect that we’ll be hearing more groans from the national media after today’s primary in Pennsylvania as I’ve become convinced that Mrs. Clinton is simply not going to get off the stage and Mr. Obama is not inclined to push her off.

Meanwhile, the production lines at the Chinese companies where they manufacture funny hats are moving along at full speed.



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