Democrats: “Trump” is not a winning issue in 2020. What he has done or failed to do are the issues.

New York Times columnist David Leonhardt put his finger on it.

It’s entirely too easy to get ourselves all wound up about how Trump is just an awful human being and we can’t tolerate him in office.

Donald J. Trump, the third president in American history to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives

Let’s just deal with it this way. Of course, he is.

But try telling a Trump voter about that. Or even a “leans” Trump voter. The fact is that they cannot hear that. I mean, they really don’t hear it. Their minds have been rewired, a chip inserted into those red hats he’s selling might have done the trick.

They simply are not..make that never going to toss Trump overboard flailing around moaning about how they’ve been tricked, sucker-punched, and even lied to.

And set your hopes aside if you think they’ll be brushing their teeth and, WOW! it strikes like a thunderbolt: As it turns out WE are paying for the bloody wall, not Mexico.

So let’s all get this out of our systems; Trump is as bad as we all know he is. He’s done more damage to the United States than any of us could have imagined.

Now what?

Image result for walter isaacson"

Walter Isaacson is the former Managing Editor of Time Magazine and a noted historian.

Leonhardt echoes something famed historian and author Walter Isaacson described as his vision of the 2020 campaign; Three words. “Corruption. Cruelty. and Character.”

I agree with both of these fellows. Keep all that pent-up anger and hostility on ice until after he’s out of office. In the meantime, our Democratic candidates are going to be best served by focusing on Issacson’s 3 words.

The Trump administration has taken corruption to new levels. The formula can be simple: “Trump promised that he’d _______________. But he’s failed to do that and things are even worse now.”

For example, “Trump promised a new health care system that would give us better health care at dramatically lower costs. But he hasn’t made good on that promise and even the cost of medicine continues to burden millions of Americans.”

“Trump said a new relationship with Russia would be a good thing. But all that’s happened is they launched cyber-attacks on our elections to help elect him president.”



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